The three Esentials to a good education


I believe in strong Innovation for our schools. We must fund projects that promote innovative learning.

Arts & Sciences

Common core and standardized testing has snatched the Arts and Sciences out of our schools. We must restore them by opting out!


Schools are a place to learn and develop. We must prepare our students for the workforce, and for life after high school. 


Educator Salary Increase

I will fight to restore steps for teachers. Florida's law ending continuing contracts is a major anti-union piece of legislation that needs to be repealed. 

Opting out of common core and standardized testing

I believe that common core has kept our county behind in education, and so has standardized testing. We must opt out now.

Crushing the school-to-prison pipeline

I believe that we should not allow any student to be arrested from our campuses for non-violent offenses. We must reform our discipline matrix to ensure that recidivism rates go down.

Eradication of Student Homelessness

Our school district has a multi-billion dollar budget. There is no reason why any child should be sleeping out on the streets, or going to school hungry.

Protecting ESE & Disadvanted Students

As someone who was a disadvantaged student with disabilities, I believe that more funding should be allocated towards protecting students with disabilities

Public Money for Public Schools ONLY

I believe that public revenue should be going to public schools before charter and private schools.

Other things I believe in

Ending Corporal punishment

I will fight to fully end the use of corporal punishment in Broward County Public Schools. 

Benefits for non-instructional staff

Our district has forgotten about non-instructional/clerical staff. The district should be ashamed of how they're treating and paying them. I propose a 42% salary increase for ALL clerical staff.

Democratizing schools & Student voice

An end to the authoritarian form of schooling, and a beggining to a democratized system that value student voice and rights.

Technological advancement

Every student should receive digital textbooks, a computer, and/or a tablet so that they can study and learn from home.

Revitalizing the failed bond

Due to ineptitude and mismanagement of taxpayer dollars, the General Obligation Bond has been mismanaged. We must demand transparency with the bond money.

School Reorganization

We have a very top-heavy district. It is beyond time that we return power to the classroom level. Micro-management of teachers is not the way to address our district's issues.


Outside Inspector

Superintendent accountability

Call out corruption

Universal meals for all students

I will unravel a new program called Broward EATS, to ensure that all students are fed at-least 3 meals a day, year-round.

Universal Housing for Students

Together, we will eradicate student homelessness in Broward County, with less wasteful spending. I'll support efforts by many elected officials in Broward to promote affordable housing.

Children's Healthcare

I wills serve as a liaison between the district and the Federal/State Government, to ensure that every child has healthcare, regardless if their families can pay for it or not. I believe that we need to establish a special taxing district to achieve this goal.

Other social beliefs

Closing the achievement gap

Broward County's achievement gap has been closing, but there is still more work needed. I will work with educators, experts, and policy researchers to identify, and close all gaps and disparities in education.

School Choice? No choice.

I do not support defunding charter and private schools, however-- public schools should get access to public dollars first and foremost. I am heavily skeptical of School choice, because it leads to blind segregation of schools.

Property Tax Reform

I will work with Broward's representatives in the Florida legislature, to fight for a just, fair, and a reasonable property tax system.

Solar-powered schools

I will propose that Broward County lead the path to a sustainable future, by powering all of our schools and facilities with solar power and clean energy.

Electronic Textbooks

I believe that it will be tremendously progressive, less expensive, and a great option, to provide kindle E-readers to all students in Broward County. 

Obligation debt-forgiveness

I believe that the district should forgive all students of obligations and debt. It is only moral.

Capital projects

Rebuild Stranahan High School

 "For years, Stranahan High school in Fort Lauderdale has wallowed in disrepair, waiting for much-needed fixes to its aging and rusting infrastructure." -Sun Sentinel. 

Elijah Manley says not for long. 

Address the mold epidemic

I will address the mold epidemic in our schools, and demand that Superintendent Runcie restore our facilities and stop wasting taxpayer dollars.

New school buses

I propose newer, more efficient school buses and higher pay for operators. Operators, in fact, are hard working people who deserve to be treated with decency.

Innovative Programs Funding

Every school should have programs like woodshop, art, and law. Magnet schools enforce racial segregation in the south by limiting a student's choice to what schools they can attend to pursue their careers and interests.


It is beyond time that we build partnerships with the private industry to complete projects on time. I think we must maintain a competitive bidding process, and pay contractors on time.

Increase funding for the SMART program

SMART (Safety, Music & Art, Athletics, Renovation, and Technology) programs funding should increase.

Capitol Projects cont'd/Other committments

Rebuild Hallandale High School

I've had the opportunity to visit Hallandale High School in Fall 2017 on several occasions. There are so many issues needing to be addressed, ranging from cafeteria expansion, and bigger classrooms. I propose an entirely new Hallandale High School.

Protect Immigrant students

I will NOT cooperate with ICE, the Trump administration, or the federal government on immigration. I will protect and defend all immigrant students and their families, including undocumented immigrants.

I will work 5-days a week

I will actually work all 5 days of the week unlike my opponent, who has missed 56 school board meetings. I will attend school meetings, and visit classrooms.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

I will fight for safe schools and single point of entry. What happened at Stoneman Douglas should have never happen. I stand in solidarity with the Never Again movement for gun reform.

Gun Reform

I support common sense gun reform that will ensure that our schools are safe and secure from threats.

I support the Promise Program

After the Parkland shooting, so many people were upset and looked for a scapegoat to satisfy their anger. I support the Promise Program because of what it has done to reduce the recidivism rate, and help students of color.

Curricula related

Inclusive Sex Education

I believe in having sexual education that is inclusive for all of our children, regardless of their sexual orientation. I oppose abstinence only sex ed.

After School Care

We need a district-wide aftercare program, that provides parents with the ability to have their children taken care of after school.

Reformong alternative schools

We must reform our alternative schools, and provide them with the funding necessary to provide critical support services to our children.

Addressing sexual violence

We must address sexual violence and assault in our schools.  As a survivor rape, I will make addressing sexual violence a priority of the Broward County School District.

Property Taxes

My goal is to keep taxes low. We can do that by establishing a mileage system that doesn't require taxpayers to bail put the district every four years.

Reproductive Rights

Full protection of reproductive freedom is indispensable to economic opportunity and security for patients and their families. Greater bodily & reproductive autonomy—whether in the form of access to birth control, abortion, paid family leave, or child care—affords people in Broward County greater economic security and mobility. Expanding that autonomy through access to affordable quality healthcare ensures economic success in our communities.

Critcial priorities ignored by my opponent:

Elijah is going to invest funding into mental health funding. He will ensure that there are enough guidance counselors in our schools, and available mental health professionals. Elijah also believes that the district should expand support services for students after high school.

"How you gonna pay for all of this, Elijah?"

I am a strong believer in fiscal responsibility. I believe that every proposal should have a plan for paying for it. So here's my plan. We will create a special taxing district, to raise revenue via property tax to pay for essential services like: school infrastructure, school safety & security, teacher pay increases, student healthcare, food programs, etc. The benefits of a special taxing district is quite simple: we stop relying on the state to fund everything, because they are not going to. In addition, it is a more permanent solution to the funding crisis, stopping the "bail us out" every four years thing the district does. Finally, we can raise so much revenue, and have so much transparency and accountability. The average property owner will save in taxes, and we will raise billions of dollars over the course of a ten year period. Yes, I'm 19 years old.